Our Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Block of



8:00-9:00 Arrivals, greetings, quiet activities, Children arrive, greeted, wash hands, choose quiet morning activities, Any health concerns are noted
8:30 Breakfast begins, prepare for breakfast/morning snack children clean-up, wash hands eat breakfast
8:45 Breakfast time children eat a nutritious breakfast
9:15 Prepare for Morning Circle Time Clean up, wash hands
9:30 Morning Circle Time for Both Classrooms Informal discussion on daily topics, reading, songs, academic lessons
10:00  Pre-K class-individual class instruction
*for select children
*Children work on academic skill building
Choices: Arts, Science,Pre-writing/math,literacy
10:20 Free Play Children engage in various activities through play with teachers Choices: centers


Outside prep. Clean up Children clean up and prepare for outdoors
11:00 Outside play time Children play activities outside
11:30 Indoor transition,  prepare for lunch Children was hands and set the table
11:45 Preschool lunch period Children eat a nutritious lunch
12:30 Preschoolers prepare for nap Children are cleaned, ready for nap time
1:00 Nap time for both classes Children rest or nap while listening to soft music
3:00 Afternoon snack time Children eat nutritious snack, prepare for afternoon circle time
3:30 Circle time stories, music,social, language,
 Art, or centers
Children engage in various activities through play with teachers
4:15 Outdoor play Children play activities outdoors
5:00-5:30-6:00 Dismissal Closed Children prepare for departure
*NOTE-This is a tentative schedule and is not followed exactly.